KB Research enrichment infrastructure

The KB Research enrichment infrastructure consists of an enrichment database and a number of services, some of which can be used by external applications. Some results of our current enrichment processes, i.e. links to related information in Dutch historical newspapers and radio broadcasts, are demonstrated by means of a very basic experimental portal at http://www.kbresearch.nl/xportal. These enrichments are shown in the left upper corner. Enrichments have the same the same identifier as the objects they enrich and can also be requested via an URL, for example:

There are two basic types of resources that can be enriched:
There are many different types of enrichments possible for the information resources. In some cases these enrichments refer to only fragment of the content. Some examples: Different types of enrichments require different data fields. The current overview is given at enrichment_fields.html. This list may change over time, when new types of enrichments are introduced. The algorithms used in enrichments are listed at references.html.